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Reality Based Training: Training where the student, with the use of tools and/or technology, participates in a scenario, with specific training objectives. The scenario immerses them in the most realistic environment possible to reinforce tactics, training, law, policy, and provide “stress inoculation”.

“By using good tactics we lower the chance of resistance. By lowering the chance of resistance, we lower the chance of injury. By lowering the chance of injury, we lower the chance of liability” --Andy Cosavant

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Program Standard Operating Procedures

  • Purpose
  • Mission
  • Philosophy
  • Definitions
  • Personnel Job Descriptions
  • Safety
  • Training Procedures

Training Facility/Location Design/Selection

  • Safety
  • Security
  • Access
  • “Set” design
  • Maintenance

Supervisor/Instructor Selection & Testing

  • Testing/Selection Process
  • Qualifications
  • Training

Scenario Development

  • Forms
  • Objectives
  • Role-player Scripting
  • Organizational Review/Approval Process

Role-player Selection & Development

  • Where to get them
  • Background experience
    • Law Enforcement or not?
  • Training

Incorporating RBT Into Current Organizational Training

  • Promotional Assessment/Testing Process
  • Basic Trainee
  • Annual Organizational
  • Supervisory
  • On-the-job training Instructor
  • Civilians working with Organizational Personnel in an “in the field” environment
    • Chaplains
    • Mental Health Clinicians
    • Crime Scene Investigators
  • Dispatchers

Organizational Wide Mandatory Training

  • Team-based or Individual

Mandatory Training for Individuals

  • Specific Incident
  • Overall Performance

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